Asset Managment

Asset Managment

Optimising Asset Management

For Business Success

Asset Management companies (AMs) are instrumental in optimizing end-of-lease asset value for lease banks and OEMs globally. In the leasing arena, achieving implied residual values (RVs) is critical, and AMs excel at IT Asset Recovery and Disposition (ITAD) services. A significant 70% of large corporations outsource their ITAD processes to specialized AMs. At Qaisar ITR, we forge collaborative partnerships with clients, assuming responsibility for IT asset disposal, WEEE management, and secure data wiping. This commitment ensures regulatory compliance and maximizes the value of leased assets. Our services extend beyond traditional asset management, offering comprehensive solutions for evaluating total cost of ownership and strategic IT planning. We provide detailed reports on asset ownership, end-of-life cycles, locations, and cosmetic conditions for decommissioned equipment, facilitating accurate asset valuation.


Successful Asset Management Model

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency

    Organisations can reduce downtime and boost productivity by optimising asset utilisation and maintenance operations

  • Cost Savings
    Efficient asset management minimises costs through optimised maintenance schedules and avoiding unnecessary asset purchases.
  • Compliance and Risk Reduction
    Effective asset management ensures compliance with regulations, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns or safety violations.
  • Improved Decision-Making
    Accurate data and insights from an efficient asset management model facilitate well-informed decisions regarding asset acquisition, maintenance, and replacement.
Key Elements

Asset Management Model

Begin by creating a comprehensive inventory of all company assets, sorting them based on type, importance, condition, and other relevant characteristics. This classification aids in resource allocation and prioritisation for asset management initiatives.

Establish a well-organised framework to manage assets throughout their lifecycle, covering phases from preparation and acquisition to maintenance and disposal. Specific tactics at each stage maximise asset performance, minimise downtime, and ensure cost-effectiveness.

Utilise preventive and predictive maintenance techniques to extend asset lifespan, reduce breakdowns, and save on repair costs. Conduct routine inspections, schedule maintenance, and leverage data-driven analytics for proactive issue detection.

Utilise technological tools such as asset tracking systems and IoT sensors to measure asset use, performance, and health. Real-time data enables organisations to monitor key performance metrics and identify optimization opportunities.

Conduct routine risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, security threats, and compliance gaps. Implement risk mitigation tactics, including insurance coverage, asset security measures, and disaster recovery plans.

Complete IT Asset Visibility
Holistic views of live and decommissioned equipment enhance decision-making.
Asset Valuation
Accurate asset valuation empowers informed infrastructure decisions.
Rapid Reporting
Comprehensive reports are delivered within a few working days, covering live and decommissioned environments

Implementing an Asset Management Model


Creating Clearly Stated Objectives and Goals

Align the aims of your asset management model with the strategic priorities of your company. Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress and assess effectiveness.


Determining Responsibilities and Resources

Align the aims of your asset management model with the strategic priorities of your company. Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress and assess effectiveness.


Choosing Technological

Invest in proper asset management software, tracking systems, and data analytics tools. Select programs that integrate seamlessly with existing systems and provide valuable information for informed decision-making.


Ongoing Development and Improvement

Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your asset management plan, identifying areas for improvement. Stay ahead in the evolving asset management landscape by continually refining processes, updating maintenance approaches, and embracing emerging technologies.

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